Here is an example of a practice that you can do, separate from the online structured classes.  Perhaps there is a specific time of day that you would like to review some of the forms you are learning, or maybe add in a few minutes of your Standing Meditation.

START with a bit of shaking to loosen up and relax the body, followed by rubbing the hands, bringing them – along with your attention – into the lower dan tien.  Center yourself in your stance and set an intention for healing.  Add any of the body warm ups you can remember, or some simple stretching, based on your time frame.

STANDING MEDITATION for 5 to 10 minutes (or skip to the moving forms)

MOVING FORMS: choose from the list below, and/or whatever you can recall from class.  Experiment with number of repetitions, anywhere from 10, 15, 20 minutes or more.

  • Sifting (Yin/Yang Harmonizing)
  • Reaching Heaven & Earth (Yin/Yang Harmonizing)
  • Lao Tong Strokes Beard (Spleen/Earth)
  • Warrior (Heart/Fire/Courage)
  • Opening Two Worlds (Lungs)
  • Calming the Waters (Kidneys)

Always close by drawing the hands into your center or into Heart Protection Stance, with the right arm over the left, wrists crossed at the level of the sternum.  Thank yourself for attending to your energy.