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QIGONG:  Medicine for Our Times

We are out of balance with the amount of time we spend in self care.  Creating health is self-empowering. 
Human health is a vibration.  The practice of Qigong develops that vibration and is unparalleled in its depth and potential to impact your life.
Practicing slowly, over and over, the body unlearns inefficient tension of years and discovers a more natural, easy strength ~ thereby conserving and building energy for health and longevity. 
        I invite you to embark on this healing journey.
We heal ourselves, We heal the world.

Meet Rose Allen

My life changed direction in 2005, when I was first introduced to the healing method of Qigong. Enamored with this ancient art of self-cultivation, I was inspired to become a Certified Instructor.  Various classes in meditation, internal alchemy, gong fu, and yoga served to expand, support, and round out my energy practice.  My continuing education and study persist to this day.

rose allen photoAlso incorporated into my Qigong education are workshops with various Masters: Kenneth Cohen, Deng Ming Dao, and studies with Grandmaster Xu Mingtang, founder of the Kundawell Institute in Bejing. In addition, dedicated study and personal practice allows me to bring a depth of understanding that can be transmitted to others through my experienced, relaxed teaching style. This teaching career began in 2013 and has included classes presented in a major hospital, Community Colleges, senior centers, public parks, and private studios.

My passion is to share this self-empowering practice so that you too can learn to care for your health and well-being. Qigong allows us to create balance and healing while maximizing our energy in a more efficient and confident way.

I very much look forward to working with you in a class soon.


Drop me a line if you would like to receive updates on classes and workshops, practice tips, simply ask a question or say hello.

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Student Praise

Thank you for sharing your teaching journey! You are giving me a much broader and deeper window into the practice than the other online teachers who inspired me toward Qigong in the first place. ~ Jennifer Delich

Like a favorite Haiku that deepens each time you visit. The beauty of life unfolding, to make it possible to have contact with a true teacher. Grateful for Rose’s awareness and dedication to Qigong and the brilliance of sharing these online times has been life enriching in all ways. Rose gently and powerfully leads, speaks, teaches and embodies the practice while honoring the lineage. My time with Rose as my Qigong teacher has been grounding and spiritually uplifting. Grateful ~ Janet Marie

My deep gratitude for your teaching is so huge, thank you just doesn’t seem like a big enough phrase. The healing you are providing in my life through these classes is life changing and you are a truly gifted teacher. My practice is growing by leaps and bounds. Because you have already put in the time to deeply developed your own dedicated practice for so many years, here in this moment you stand ready to bring to us on a silver platter something that is just the healing we need now. Being able to access your classes on line is just such a huge, huge, gift. ~ Virginia Maxam

Thank you for everything, Rose. There are many gifts during this time of pause, but I think getting so much study with you and deepening my practice as a result is perhaps the greatest joy. I practice daily on my own. More regular study with you has helped me so much to learn about sequencing, among much else. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for shining your light, Rose. I truly feel blessed to have found you as my teacher and cannot conceive of how my life will unfold with this practice as my foundation (Destiny Bridge!) ~ Margaret McNeal

I learned a lot about my body, my mind and their connection. I stretched and created openings in my body that had been locked for many years. The physical experience was freeing. And of course the whole experience of sharing the practice with people around our country and even the world during this time. The classes allow us to have structure, connection and a shared sense of purpose during these bleak times. This class has been a bright spot in my life and has helped me carry on. You have been generous with your time and knowledge. ~ Anonymous