YIN ORGANS (Zhang) “solid”                YANG ORGANS (Fu) “hollow”

Store, process & stimulate flow of qi             Deal with digestion & elimination

LIVER                          (WOOD/SPRING)                GALL BLADDER

HEART                        (FIRE/SUMMER)                 SMALL INTESTINE


LUNG                        (METAL/AUTUMN)              LARGE INTESTINE

KIDNEYS                    (WATER/WINTER)             URINARY BLADDER

The Five Element System divides the natural processes into five phases of action or change.  This system associates the major organs as they relate to each other; each element is produced by and produces another.  One is not more important than another; one cannot exist without all the others.  It is a harmonious, cyclic interaction, maintained only when the Energy flowing thru each of the Elements/organs is clear and life-giving.  This system is used to resolve disharmonies within us and reflects the laws and structures that govern creation.

WOOD: young yang (East)    FIRE: great yang (South)  METAL: young yin (West)    WATER: great yin (North)  EARTH:  (The Center/Balance)